Comics: Boys over flowers (Hana yori dango 1-3), Yoko Kamio

boys over flowers5/5

About the illustrations: Simple and cute, although sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate in the first volumes (then it improves a lot).

About the story: Volume 1 is a presentation, more than anything. It shows the characters, the situation at school, the trigger for everything and how Tsukushi, a very strong character that I love, faces everything with her great personality. The truth is that I bought it just because it was cheap and I got scared when I saw how many tomes there were, but as soon as I read this volume I knew that I was going to read the series until the end (and it was an odyssey to buy them all, by the way).

In volumes 2 and 3, the author begins to put more doses of humor, we see where the romance is going to go and we find some new characters, such as Kazuya, who becomes Tsukushi’s support at school, or Shizuka, a girl absolutely perfect that Rui is in love with (Rui is the F4 boy who best treats Tsukushi and whom she falls in love with). In these volumes, Domyoji is getting worse and worse, by the way, although I know he will improve ^^. In the end of volume 3, there is an unexpected turn.

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