Books: Dark Hunters 8-10

book covers dark huntersSins of the night


First, the style and way of writing history are wonderful, as in all Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. Alexion is an unforgettable character, and I must say that I was glad that everything didn’t end with the short story that Sherrilyn wrote about him and that I read before this book. It was a pleasant surprise. The ending is slightly predictable, but that was never inconvenient for me if the “path” is good.
Only a small con to the saga: if you read the books one after the other, you end up saturated, or at least that’s my case. So I read them spaced in time.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

Unleash the night


This book is different from the rest of the Dark Hunters. It’s not about the dark hunters but about the were-hunters, and as a novelty only the main characters don’t come out, giving importance to some secondary to those who had hardly been mentioned.
I loved the story and it has kept me completely hooked, with time travel and the intrigue of how they will unmask them. Wren seems to me very different from the rest, but I don’t quite like her and I don’t know why. Saviatar is a very strange guy, I’m not at all convinced that I liked him… although he certainly didn’t leave me indifferent. As always, it’s perfectly written and reading is very

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

Dark side of the moon


Well, here we no longer have a dark Hunter or a were hunter but a feline were hunter turned into a dark hunter. That’s only an anticipation that the thing is going to be interesting … but the female protagonist, a rather skeptical journalist, is allergic to cats. However, the main plot of “we fall in love despite everything and such” is, in my opinion, too exploited by the author, because it’s more of the same. The cool things happen in the secondary plot, in Stryker and in action.
Saviatar reappears, at the most opportune moment, and also Aqueron, at the opportune moment. After all the books read, when everything is lost you know that they’ll appear. But this book recovers a character that, I think, is going to be very, very important.
The beginning somewhat bored me, but the end … what an end, people. It has left me in embers, which means that it won’t take me long to read the following …

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

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