Films: When Marnie Was There, Bridget Jones’ diary

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When Marnie Was There


It’s a movie that I can only tag as complex. It started looking like the typical movie of a lonely girl who knows another that makes her open herself. With a beautiful aesthetic and no more. But then layers and more layers of depth begin to appear, of those that, as you’re not careful, can make you lose the thread. So what started with little potential was intriguing me little by little and in the end I liked it a lot. Everything was explained in the most brilliant and complex way I could imagine. The initial slowness was worth it and in the end I liked it, luckily I held on until the good started.

Bridget Jones’s Diary


I’ve seen this movie I don’t know how many times and, in this case, it improves the book a bit. It’s very funny and has scenes that always make me laugh, even though it often falls shamelessly on British topics. But it’s a very powerful character and both Daniel and Mark have a lot of charm, in addition to other characters such as the mother, that I love, so it’s a mixture of the best to spend an entertaining time.

Bridget Jones: the edge of reason


In this, the beginning is a bit boring because it’s very sweet, but soon it’s fixed to see that the relationship with Mark is not so idylli … at least for her. In addition, it’s adorned with some funny scenes caused by their clumsiness and bad luck both at work and outside of it. Also the part of the trip to Thailand is very enjoyable, really. In short, I never tire of seeing it because it is a most entertaining film.

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