Books: Master of desire, Dark divine, Witch and wizard

book covers of master of desire

Master of Desire. Kinley Mac Gregor


It’s the typical story of highlanders told differently. We find a female character desperate to marry that doesn’t stop harassing the poor male character, who resists all he can for fear of hurting her and, by doing so, of being killed by the king for treason. Then we have the meddlesome brother, the promiscuous and shameless maid, the potential father-in-law who is the mortal enemy of the protagonist, the real bad guy who is predictable … So, why that score?, you ask.
The end is predictable and the characters are stereotyped, butthe way of telling it is brilliant. At first, as I said, Emily is a stalker and doesn’t stop looking for ways to make him agree the marriage, which makes the book really enjoyable. There is a duality in her, between modesty and “I’ll do what is necessary”. As for him, you can see that all his plans to get away from her go crooked in one way or another. And that he’s smooth inside.
Also, the sex scenes are not bad 😉 In short, highly recommended.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

book covers of Dark divine

Dark divine. Bree Despain


The argument is not bad, but the characters are. The only one I’ve liked is Jude, because Grace seems to me one of those cute little girls, stupid and unbearable, overprotected and without personality. On the other hand, Daniel wasn’t as wonderful as he was painted in other reviews. More of the same… The friend seems even more unbearable to me than her, the parents are hateful. There are secondary characters with potential and almost none of them appear, so I don’t bother to mention them.
There is no indoctrination or anything like that, even though they are the family of a shepherd, but everything that is going to happen is quite predictable, although we can see that the author intended to maintain an aura of mystery almost to the end (which she didn’t achieve it at all).
The only surprise is that the monster was not who I thought, but the one I thought that he was an imbecile.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

book covers of Witch and wizard

Witch & wizard. James Patterson y Gabrielle Charbonnet.


This novel has disappointed me a lot. The characters are too emboldened at all times, even though they’re systematically mistreated, and they too cheerfully accept the idea that they are magicians. In fact, they cheerfully accept everything that happens to them and sometimes they seem to take it as a joke. On the other hand, they learn to handle their immense and insurmountable powers very easily and only make a couple of minor mistakes. The actions of the parents of the kids don’t make much sense, too.
It’s written in first person and alternates the two brothers’ point of view, although some of the character changes don’t make much sense …
The bad guys are not scary, they’re a little pathetic, and it’s not explained at any time how they got where they are. Many situations are quite forced and don’t make much sense. The end is designed to leave you in a hot spot, but is so boring…

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

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