Films: Pride, prejudice and zombies; Roman holiday; The nightmare before Christmas

films posters: Pride, prejudice and zombies; Roman holiday; The nightmare before Christmas

Pride, prejudice and zombies


I wanted to read the book first, but in the end it was released and I saw it out of pure curiosity. I found it deliciously hooligan and, to my surprise, surprisingly faithful to the original book (…!) during much of the plot. Of course, at some point the storyline diverges, but the story is very advanced. Mr. Darcy’s actor doesn’t fit at all with my idea of Mr. Darcy, though. Anyway, I found it a very enjoyable movie both for fans of zombies and for lovers of Pride and Prejudice.

Roman holiday


It’s one of the few black and white films that I can stand. It has a very simple and predictable argument, but even so it’s the most entertaining (once the principle passes, it becomes a bit heavy and long, however). The dialogues are very good and the performance is superb, not to mention that it’s curious to see what Rome was like at that time. In addition, I like the final; it’s realistic and appropriate.

The nightmare before Christmas


With an interesting aesthetic, songs that are mostly appropriate and don’t make you want to scape and a simple but original and effective plot, it’s undoubtedly one of the few films related to Christmas that I think worth seeing. I enjoyed it now more than when I was younger, perhaps because I’m now able to perceive many more things besides monsters that, in an attempt to improve Christmas, load it. The character of Jack is simply superb, with great depth, and I found another interesting one in Sally and her attempts at poisoning that I had not previously perceived. Summing up, very good movie and, if you have not seen it, I would recommend you to do it.

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