Comics: Death note 7-9, Tsugumi Ōba & Takeshi Obata


7: Zero


This volume is traumatic.Even when you know what will happen, reaching a certain point you think: God, I don’t believe it.And the pieces are placed, you know what Light intended… but some movements are unexpected and you surprise in the middle.

In addition, in the second part appear two new characters that are like day and night in search of the death note, and one of them reaches some extremes to get it… that leave the reader with the need to read the next. And more taking into account that the trauma has not passed and you’re still baffled by the immense change that has taken place in a matter of a few pages.It takes a while to get used to it and assimilate everything.

You can read this comic review in spanish here / pueder leer la reseña de este cómic en español aquí

8: Target


I have always thought that from volume 7 the level drops a little. But, although it isn’t the same anymore and it doesn’t have so much emotion, you continue with the intrigue. You never know what new elements will appear in the story or how Light and his enemies will react to them.

As for the characters, almost the same as the beginning (and I say almost) and a few new ones.Of all the new characters after Volume 7, the one I like the most is Melo, although he’s grimacing. I think it gives a lot of play.However, Near is boring and I don’t like him.In any case, and although not as much as before, it is still worth reading.

You can read this comic review in spanish here / pueder leer la reseña de este cómic en español aquí

9: Contact


Many things happen in this volume. Kira has to make a movement that doesn’t quite go as expected (his cold reaction also surprises) and leads N to approach the deductions of L. However, certain circumstances bring him closer to his longed for ideal world. There is also a slight and unorthodox collaboration between N and Mello (the perfect counterweight to the boring Near) which begins to sow doubt in the research barracks and the end leaves you wanting more, because it stays at a point in which you can only ask yourself: How the hell is going to finish?
However, it still doesn’t reach the level of the volumes before Volume 7 and, although they have some merit, the odd couple of N and M don’t have the charm to punctuate these comics with a memorable.

You can read this comic review in spanish here / pueder leer la reseña de este cómic en español aquí


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