Books: The china bride, Mountain Laurel, Ten ways to be adored when landing a lord

book-covers of The china Bride

The china Bride. Mary Jo Putney


I must say I expected more from this book, but in the end it has been just entertaining for several reasons: The first is that the back cover was an spoiler of most of the book, so there is no mystery. The second is the disposition of the book, which doesn’t convince me: so much unnecessary temporary leap. The third, because it’s too slow in many silly details and the parts with more action are fast, which makes you bored a little.

However, it’s well written, the characters have their charm and the last hundred pages are quite addictive, with a good ending and a good twist… It could have been very good

book-covers of Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel. Jude Deveraux


The story is bad from the beginning, it doesn’t have even the slightest sense and there are a lot of plot gaps that the author aims to correct with even more surreal explanations. Everything that happens is predictable and you know how everything will go even before you start.
The characters (all of them) are hateful. She is an unbearable egocentric girl and he has a stick in the ass (he’s also an egocentric). Jude presents him so perfect that he’s almost ridiculous and, when he leaves aside his supposed façade, he behaves like a child.
To add insult to injury, as there was not enough in history to make a book, there are lots of dialogues with the childhood stories of the protagonists that don’t have the slightest interest. And the only sex scene can only be described as ridiculous.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí

Ten ways to be adored when landing a lord

Ten ways to be adored when landing a lord


As I expected, the book is pretty good. The story is very original, and fun. I have been left wanting to read the previous part, because although it’s a separate book there were some things that I would like to know, such as the scandal of the sister, which is not explained too much.
Moving to the characters, Nick may seem, on the surface, the typical male character, but he has a lot of background, he is a mysterious man and not at all flat, very tender, and I liked him a lot. Isabel, meanwhile, is a strong woman and who has been able to move forward a very unconventional home, but is both vulnerable and afraid of love.
As for the children, Isabel’s younger brother, the count, is a creaturely charm and I have liked the butler, the cook and the stable girl. I was also excited about the character of Rock and I would have liked to see developed his story with Isabel’s cousin. I also highlight the Duke of Leighton. As soon as I read his description I knew there would be a subject and it turns out that he’s the protagonist of the next one.
In short, although it is not perfect, it’s very good and makes you have a good time, so I recommend it without hesitation.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí


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