Films: 50 shades of Grey, Monsters, Inc., Monsters university

films posters 50 shades of Grey, Monsters, Inc., Monsters university

50 shades of Grey


I scored the book with three (nearly two) stars. I regret to say, I can hardly give the movie two stars. All the things that I disliked both of her and him are highlighted in the film, without the buffer elements (such as a greater depth in the characters) that compensate that things. What’s more, I found many “stalker of bad tv cinema” scenes, which were even more terrifying and incomprehensible than when you read them. Of course, the soundtrack and the image are spectacular.

Monsters, Inc.


I really like this movie, not only because it turns the “monster of the closet” and “scared children” roles upside down, but because it has incredible characters. I love the Sully-Mike couple and how the girl interacts with them and little by little she wins their heart. The setting is fantastic and all that world of monsters that scare to get energy is very successful. However, in some pieces, the movie loses a bit of rhythm, or maybe I’ve seen it so many times that I know what will happen and in less funny parts my brain gets impatient.

Monsters university


It follows a somewhat typical structure, a mixture of any film that implies on one part overcoming people’s limits and on the other part brotherhoods (protagonist with limitations who works hard to achieve their goals despite everything, a team of very different people who must learn to work in coordination to achieve a common goal, group of geeks that faces antagonistic but aspirational brotherhoods…) but maybe that’s why it’s a formula that works. It’s fun and very entertaining, the characters are great and the message is great, so it isn’t an unnecessary or disappointing prequel .

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