Books: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr (Christopher Paolini)

eragon book coversEragon


Well, I think that by saying that I’ve read it a lot of times I say it all. It has many adventures, action, magnificent characters and it’s also a very interesting world. I appreciate a certain intertextuality, but subtle and unimportant.
Eragon is great and I like his evolution throughout this book and the following ones. The one that’s worst to me, everything must be said, is the dragon. She thinks she’s cool and she’s too proud, I can’t stand her. I like the style of Arya, although without a doubt my favorite character is Angela, followed closely by Solembrum (I love cats).
What else can I tell you without telling the story? I would like a prequel that tells what happened in more detail, I think there’s a lot of unused worldbuilding. Also, I think the fight scenes are very good (I’m unable to do something like that). Don’t expect love in this book, it is pure adventure.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí



The book has two main plot lines: Eragon’s and his training, trip… and that of Roran, Eragon’s cousin, and in general of all the people of his town, who are in a bad situation because Eragon is from there and they have to face the empire. Those plot lines end up joining in the end.
I must say that the part I liked the most is Roran’s, Eragon’s is a little less entertaining and certainly has less action. It introduces in that part the character of Oromis, which I like a lot, and the runaway feelings of the teenager and his dragon, who seem very skilled when it comes to messing up those issues. Then we have some political intrigue between the Varden and Elva, of whom I can’t say anything, but I can’t stand her (although I understand).
But without a doubt the best thing is the surprise at the end, which left me amazed the first time I read it (well, actually I translated it with pencil and paper: I learned English thanks to this book).

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí



This book gets a little worse, in reality, for its extension, not too many things happen. I think the mistake was to divide this last book in two to extend the saga. If it had been done as planned, it would have been a fat book but surely with much more quality.
The war is monotonous and there are some moments in which the characters seem to change their personality, although the politics of some parts have a certain charm and it’s still well narrated, being able the author to get you into the skin of the characters.
Little more can I say without spoilers of the previous books, except that a character that I loved dies. In short, it’s worth it although the saga deserves better.

You can read this book review in spanish here / puedes leer esta reseña de libro en español aquí


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