Films: Ex_Machina, Two night stand and The notebook

films posters of Ex_Machina, Two night stand and The notebook



The film is a bit slow and it’s quite predictable, but somehow it’s narrated in a way that fascinates. We have a multimillionaire genius who is like crazy, but who has created an artificial intelligence. For some reason that we don’t know until the end, he selects Caleb to test it and the young man has to face moral dilemmas in addition to the attraction for the robot. I liked how everything was revealed little by little, although the end was clear from the beginning.

Two night stand


It isn’t the typical romantic comedy and I liked that. The two characters date to have sex without knowing anything about the other, but when she wakes up and wants to leave she finds that a snow storm doesn’t let her out. So, they are forced to live together despite what happened that night, which creates uncomfortable situations, some quite funny. It’s a pretty strange couple, but somehow it works better than it seems at first and you get hooked almost without realizing it.

The notebook


There are wonderful coments about this movie, I expected a lot from it. And it’s not bad, but it wasn’t wonderful at all. The love story was a very traditional structure and lacked originality, at times it was somewhat pathetic and since the grandfather began reading the newspaper I imagined who he was and why he read it. By the way, I didn’t like Allie.

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