Films: Toy story 1-3

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Toy Story 1


I really like this movie, not only because it is one of my childhood films, but because of its originality and because it is pure adventure. In addition, I love the characters and how the relationship between them evolves, especially the way Woody assumes the change in the roles of the room. By the way, I think the bad boy is the most creative. He treats his toys badly, but I have to recognize his genius.

Toy Story 2


This movie was a disappointment at the time and I still think it’s the worst of the three. I see it, of course, but it does not excite me at all. It doesn0t have as much movement as the first one and Woody’s scenes at the collector’s house end up being boring. The plot of the other Buzz and his archenemy doesn’t convince me too much and in general it lacks charm, not to mention that some things seem a bit forced.

Toy story 3


After the deception of Toy Story 2, I was not sure what to expect from this one, and the truth is that it’s the one I liked the most, it has become one of my favorites. It always manages to make me cry at the end and, meanwhile, has a few hits of genius, great adventures and villains of the most elaborate.

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