Books: Bridges of Time 4-5, The dragons

book-covers dragonlance

Dezra’s Quest, Chris Pierson


First of all, notice that everything that has to do with the beings of the woods fascinates me. So if you give me centaurs, dryads and others…
The argument is quite original, in my opinion, although I must say that many bad guys against a small group of good people is already seen. There is constant movement and little straw, which is a plus to the book, which is read at once.
Caramon was always one of my favorite characters and I regret his state, although of course, he is not exactly a young guy anymore. Even so, I like him because he keeps fighting for what he believes. I don’t like Dezra, she reminds me too much of Kitiara -the worst of Kitiara- and the truth is that having a good background doesn’t help, as Kitiara’s charm was precisely that she didn’t have it. As for the centaur… he looks like a Solamnia knight with an equine body, although I don’t dislike him.
The culture of the centaurs and of the other beings of the forest is quite interesting and it is told enough so that you don’t get lost, but not too much. Also, this book can be easily read without knowing much about the Dragonlance.

You can read this book opinion in spanish here / puedes leer la opinión de este libro aquí

The rose and the skull, Jeff Crook


It is the only book of the dragonlance, along with the next one (and I have read more than 50) that I didn’t like too much. Books like this are very rare. The argument is a complete boredom. It could have had a bit more intricate political intrigue or a more exciting adventure, but it remains a petty political intrigue and a really mediocre adventure, with little action scenes told a posteriori, poorly described and unnoticeable.
As for the characters, they are absolutely typical, not even the Gully dwarves have been able to give an interesting touch to the story. The whole plot is guessed from the beginning, betrayals included, and the end is absolutely predictable and ridiculous.
The only point in favor is that it is short and quick to read, I suspect that because the author’s imagination didn’t give more to put so much straw, which, far from displeasing me, it seems good…
In short: badly narrated, badly imagined and of course badly developed. Not recommended.

You can read this book opinion in spanish here / puedes leer la opinión de este libro aquí

The dragons, Douglas Niles


I had memories of disappointment about this book, but I decided to give it one last chance because I thought maybe, at the time, I was not aware enough about the world of Dragonlance to appreciate it.
Indeed, it was a disappointment. I can’t understand how such a great approach (everything from the point of view of the dragons!) can be so boring. It doesn’t count anything that you don’t know and the different point of view doesn’t really contribute anything: in fact, you keep asking yourself many times where certain things have come from… which is what, in my opinion, should be better explained and would bring some value to history.
What’s more, they were dragons like any other creature could be: they have nothing special. And, much worse, I have not been able to connect with any of the metal dragons (it focuses a lot on the silver and gold and not the others, by the way) and the evil dragons were bland, predictable and tiresome.
Disappointing, dispensable. Boring.

You can read this book opinion in spanish here / puedes leer la opinión de este libro aquí

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