Films: Rurouni Kenshin 2-3, Dragon Hunters

films postersRurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire


The first two thirds are fairly faithful to the comics, although Sanosuke’s personality is quite exaggerated and a bit tiresome. It also has a small rhythm problem, because although things happen, the general feeling is that the story does not advance.
Then comes the part of the Rengoku and the Kyoto fire… and fidelity to the comic begins to get out of control, which disconcerted me very much. It finished at a strange point, which leads me to the following review, that is …

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends


This movie seemed a nonsense to me. Not only is not faithful to the comic, but everything is forced so that important things happen without any naturalness. The development of great characters disappears, like the teacher of Kenshin, Shishio or, what is worse, Sojiro and Anji (how can have they done that with my favorites!), which are presented in a manichaean and superficial way. Even battles did not touch high expectations. To say that I got angry with this movie is not enough. I do not know how I ended up seeing it complete.

Dragon hunters


The only thing that is worthwhile is the construction of the world, the rest, including the design of characters, which gives grime, is a bit disastrous. The story can hardly be described as entertaining: the girl is absolutely burdensome and I don’t see anything cool anywhere. In fact, you can predict everything that is going to happen, to the end, and sometimes it all turns out to be so forced.

You can read these film opinions in spanish here / puedes leer las reseñas en español aquí


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