Films: Captain Harlock, Into the woods, Song of the sea

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Captain Harlock


The animation is superrealistic and I am able to recognize that it is a fantastic story… Possibly, the manga and anime, which are not condensed in an hour and a half, are. But in this film, where everything happens very fast, condensed and with changes of mind of the characters without knowing what mental processes or triggers lead to them, it is simply disconcerting in the most important parts. Made longer, and maybe in a couple of parts, I would have loved it. As it is… it is a waste.

Into the woods


I could not say the exact reasons why I liked this movie so much, but that’s the way it is. I suppose that because it has good music, it distorts the classic stories and it links them in a masterly way with the history of the baker. There are some things that are forced and that do not convince me, and the end is not up to the rest of the film, but anyway I would see it again and again.

Song of the sea


It has a very particular aesthetic, in fact, it gave me the feeling that it would be very… for babies. But then it turns out to be a magical story, very beautiful, that integrates the adventures of the two brothers and their dog with Irish legends and music in an interesting plot. In addition, it has some curious characters and a quite acceptable ending. Actually, I’m glad I gave it the opportunity.

You can read all these film opinions in spanish here / puedes leer estas reseñas en español aquí.


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