Films: Capture the flag, A little chaos, The host

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Capture the flag


It’s a pretty correct movie, entertaining, but the truth is that it has not hook me up and I would not see it again. You can predict almost everything, the bad guy and his followers are quite burdensome and the characters are a little stereotyped. In addition, the beginning was a bit slow, and more if we take into account the type of movie it is.

A little chaos


I thought it was going to be fine: good actors, good costumes and decorations, a story of a woman who exceeds the conventions of the time… But in the end, everything is reduced to a movie without rhythm, in which hardly anything happens, with dull dialogues that leave me indifferent and with few points of tension, to call them in some way, because they are predictable and they are unable to lift the boredom that invaded me.

The host


I had already read The Host and I had been very pleasantly surprised. Of course, that means I started watching the movie with the fear that the adaptation would be bad, but the truth is that I was wrong. They have been able to convey very well the relationship between Wanderer and Melanie, as well as all the key points of the novel, and it has a good rhythm.

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