Films: Goosebumps, Happily N’Ever After & Love, Rosie

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I liked the books a lot, as well as the series, so I was curious to see the movie. Basically, they have included in the film all the monsters invented by the author, some of which remain in my memory after so many years. It’s a pretty simple story, but it’s the most entertaining, perfect to spend an entertaining time without thinking much and without real scares (it’s more comedy than anything else).

Love, Rosie


With this film I have a problem: I had read the book before, and it is one of those that I remember with special affection. It was difficult for the film to be up to standard and it didn’t success. However, if I forget the comparisons with the novel, whose argument I like (and it does not come out very much in that aspect) I must say that it is a film that is quite good and that is the most entertaining.

Happily N’Ever After


I tend to like distorted stories… but this is badly done. They have tried to put so many things and they have done it in such an obvious and crude way that in the end you not only know what is going to happen at each moment, but you also end up getting bored. Maybe it was too childish, but I think it’s just that the script was not well worked. The images were not very spectacular either and, to see ugly 3D, I prefer to see ugly cartoons. So I wonder why so much money has been spent on such a mediocre aesthetic.

You can read these film opinions in spanish here / puedes leer las reseñas en español aquí


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