Films: The Good Dinosaur, The Intern, Les Misérables

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The Good Dinosaur


I admit, I did not have high expectations with this movie. Of course, not so high. But I have found some great characters framed in a beautiful story that has managed to get me smiles and make me cry. In this movie, nothing is what it seems and it turns around many preconceived ideas that you can have (specially with some dinosaurs), which it’s great. I recommend it.

The Intern


Another movie that was a good surprise. It has some great characters, there are interesting situations and dialogues, and it is also a film that I have enjoyed on many levels: it not only speaks of a topic that generates curiosity (start ups) but it does it through a protagonist very modern, enterprising and wearing the pants in the family, with a magnificent counterpoint in the voice of the experience that Ben represents.

Les Misérables


Superb music, fantastic story, magnificent staging and great actors. However, I do not know why, it has not enchanted me. Maybe it was not my time to see such a drama, although the truth is that my general impression is that it is too slow, which you already know that I hate, both in books and in movies.



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