Films: Suffragette, The Secret World of Arrietty, The 5th Wave

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One tends to imagine that women’s struggle for the right to vote was peaceful, but this movie shows that it was not like that. It was a violent battle and in complete inequality, where women had all the chances to loss and in fact they lost everything, including their children. The story of Maud, prototype of these women, is hard and shocking. We see how she is recruited, how she is radicalized and how some women even reject their struggle and turn their backs on her. It has impacted me enough, but it is one of those movies that I do not think I’ll see again and I couldn’t love.

The Secret World of Arrietty


It is a movie with slow rhythm, nice drawing and interesting characters. It has its charm; although I have not seen anything specially amazing, it has not become heavy and it has left a good taste in my mouth. In fact, it made me feel curiosity about the world of the raiders, of whom not much is known apart from Arrietty’s family and the wild boy. It comes from some books, so I’ll investigate.

The 5th wave


Predictable is the word that best describes this movie. You see everything coming from the first moment, I do not know if because the actors who play the characters with “surprise” do not do it well or because it follows a rigid structure and it always isso obvious that it is inevitable to know what comes next. The characters also have not seemed attractive enough for me, so my facial expressions throughout the film have been two: boredom and blank eyes every time they tried to do something surprising that didn’t surprised me.


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