Films: Zootopia, Zoolander nº2, Steve Jobs

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It is an original film and in which things do not stop happening, with a mystery in between and with a great message: that, if we make an effort, we can get where we propose, despite our limitations. In addition, I liked the characters, especially the couple police rabbit – fox swindler, although I could see many things were coming and it has not managed to make me fall in love completely.

Zoolander nº2


I thought that, if they had made a sequel of a movie that I love so much after a lot of years, they surely had a good story to tell. I was wrong. It’s not even entertaining, it does not make sense and it seems like a mere excuse for a lot of celebrities to do a lot of appearances. It is boring, and some of the supposed funny things (it has not managed to make me laugh, or even smile) rub the unpleasant. It has been an absolute disappointment, I just saw it for stubbornness; the hope of its improvement didn’t survived the first half hour.

Steve Jobs


I thought it would be the complete life of Steve Jobs, but actually it shows only three key events: the launch of the Macintosh, the launch of Next and the launch of Imac. Much importance is given to his relationship with Lisa, his daughter, whom he refused to recognize, with Wozniak and with a few other key characters, but the rest is barely shown. He is presented as a pretty bastard, but visionary and great, which, having read his biography, I find credible. The truth is that I like how everything is narrated and I found it was very pleasant to see Steve’s interpreter in action. I would not have cared if the film were much longer and encompassed other key moments later, on the contrary, I would have liked it.


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