Films: Star wars VII, The rewrite, Belle and Sebastian

poster of the films

Star Wars VII: The force Awakens


I was very afraid of this movie, really. But in the end I liked it a lot: it has the essence of the original films (well, the essence… and the structure, which is basically the same), a lot of action and great characters. There are supposed to be some surprises, but I saw almost all of them coming. However, it has left a very good taste in my mouth.

The rewrite


Typical comedy with a typical plot. There is no surprise and I could see everything coming, although it is entertaining to see and has curious characters and some funny hits. It’s the typical movie that I see once and no more, it’s not bad but it does not have anything special.

Belle and Sebastian


Since it started, I knew I was not going to like it, that it would be slow and that it would not have much emotion. The argument is what it is, spiced up with the occupation of the Nazis, who want to prevent the people from helping to move the Jews to the other side of the mountains, where Switzerland is. Unfortunately, everything that happens is predictable to the greatest extent, without surprises, so it has bored me.

You can read this opinions in spanish here / puedes leer estas opiniones en español aquí


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